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Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that websites store on your computer. Cookies are commonly used to store user session tokens so that the user avoids re-entering their login information on each page. These types of cookies are considered essential because they are required for the general operation of the website.

Cookies can also be used to track activity on the web. These are considered non-essential cookies. They are used by websites to track usage patterns in order to improve user experience. They are also used by advertisers to present users with customized ads.

What Cookies Does MITB Use?

Essential Cookies

Cookie NameDescription

Cookie that stores the user session token. Without this cookie, the user would be forced to log in with every new page or action.


Stored upon login when the "Remember Me" checkbox is checked. It allows a user to stay logged in even if the browser is restarted.

Non-Essential Cookies

Cookie NameDescription

These cookies are created by Google Analytics. MITB uses analytics to collect data for improving user experience. Examples include how users move from page to page, which browser versions are being used, and even what errors users experiencing.

How Can I Opt Out of Cookies?

You can opt out of MITB's non-essential cookies by clicking "Decline" on the home page when prompted.

You can opt out of all cookies (including essential cookies) on any website by disabling cookies in your browser. However, disabling essential cookies will likely prevent the website from functioning.

Please consult the following links for instructions on managing cookies in your browser.

How Can I Change My Decision?

Return to this section of the cookie policy if you wish to revoke your decision to accept or decline non-essential cookies.

You have not yet made a decision regarding non-essential cookies.