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An Historic Moment: Playtesting Against an Opponent

Playtesting a deck in solitaire mode can only get you so far. To really put a deck to the test, it needs to be forged in the fires of the metagame! It is now possible to select a deck for the enemy and playtest two decks against one another. This feature goes out to all the brewers that cut their teeth solitairing matchups on Apprentice.

• Select Enemy Deck

On a deck's playtest tab, the "Select Enemy Deck" button has been added.

Screenshot of Select Enemy Deck Button
Select Enemy Deck

Clicking the button brings up a Select Enemy Deck screen, and selecting a deck starts a new game with two players.

Screenshot of Playtesting Against Another Deck
Playtesting Against Another Deck

Turns can be tracked by advancing through the steps via double clicking a step or pressing spacebar. Advancing past the end step passes the turn. Any player one keyboard shortcut can be applied to player two by holding the Shift key.

• Historic

Historic and Historic Brawl are now available as formats.

Stay tuned for the addition of system-managed metagame decks and added Playtest features! Thanks for reading!

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