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Deck Legality and Export Deck Registration Sheet

Decks now get checked for legality and can be exported to a Wizards of the Coast (WOTC) Deck Registration Sheet.

• Deck Legality Check

Decks now display a deck legality icon next to their name.

Screenshot of Legal Deck icon
Decks that are legal display a green circle checkmark

Screenshot of Not Legal Deck icon
Decks that are not legal display a warning icon

If the deck is not legal, clicking the icon will explain each violation.

Screenshot of Deck Violations
List of deck violations

• Export WOTC Deck Registration Sheet

WOTC Deck Registration Sheet is now available from the Export Deck screen. It is a PDF export that can be used for deck registration in WOTC tournaments.

Screenshot of Deck Exports
New Export Format: WOTC Deck Registration Sheet

If the deck is not legal, this export is disabled.

Screenshot of Disabled WOTC Export
WOTC Deck Registration Sheet disabled

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for deck imports!

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