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End of Year Updates Roundup: 2020 Edition

2020 was much more productive than the blog lets on. Here is a roundup of the unannounced changes that were released over the latter half of 2020:

Edit Deck

• Added right-click menu in the grid-based Edit Deck view

Screenshot of Edit Deck Right-Click Menu
Edit Deck Right-Click Menu

The menu contains options to add additional copies, remove cards, and move cards between main and sideboard.

• Middle mouse button clicking now zooms in on a card in the grid-based Edit Deck view

Sometimes the smaller cards can be harder to read in the Edit Deck view. The middle mouse click pays homage to MTGO.

• Added "clear" icon to the advanced search dropdowns to easily reset individual fields

Screenshot of Clearable Dropdowns
Clearable Dropdowns


• London Mulligans

London mulligans can now be performed with a purpose-built dialog.

Screenshot of Mulligan Dialog
Mulligan Dialog

Use the menu next to the New Game button or via the keyboard shortcut m. Note, once any card has changed zones, mulliganning is no longer allowed until a new game has been started. Don't forget you can "undo" (ctrl-z) your mulligan decisions!

• Turning Face-Down, Transforming, and Flipping on Right-Click Menu

Cards on the Battlefield now come with a right-click menu.

Screenshot of Playtest Right-Click Menu
Playtest Right-Click Menu

The menu currently features turning face-up/face-down (think Exalted Angel), transforming (think Delver of Secrets), or flipping (think Erayo, Soratami Ascendant).

• "Redo" keyboard shortcut changed from ctrl-y to ctrl-shift-z

The windows-inspired ctrl-y proved to be much too unwieldy.

Site Wide

A banner appears at the bottom of the page allowing you to opt out of the analytics cookie for improved privacy and GDPR compliance. The cookie policy contains a button to revoke your decision at any time.

• If session expires, logging back in will bring you where you left off

• Various bug fixes and optimizations

Sharing In 2021

Content sharing will be the theme of 2021. Expect (actual) shareable decks. Expect improvements to content (deck guide) authoring as well. Let us know in the comments what else you'd like to see in 2021.

Thank you very much for the increased sign ups over 2020!

We're excited to push mitb to new limits in 2021.

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