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Export Deck and New Short URL

We've recently added support for exporting your decks and changed our short URL to

• New Short URL

The short URL has been retired and replaced with Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

• Copy Deck

Next to the deck name, you will find a new copy icon. Clicking it displays the copy deck menu:

Screenshot of New Copy Deck
New Copy Deck Function

Decks can be copied to your clipboard in formats tailored towards Magic Online (MTGO) or MTG Arena.

NOTE: the MTG Arena format will only copy a valid deck if all cards (including their expansions) are available on Arena.

• Export Deck

Under the Deck tab menu, the Export Deck option has been added. Clicking it brings up the Export Deck screen:

Screenshot of Export Deck Screen
New Export Deck Screen

Selecting either MTGO or Arena will download a text file with the decklist.

NOTE: the MTG Arena format will only export a valid deck if all cards (including their expansions) are available on Arena.

Additional Changes:

• Fixed layout issue on Windows due to font variation
• Improved onboarding experience for new users
• Added Masters Edition 1-4, Vintage Masters, and Tempest Remastered for improved Pauper support
• Updated all card text to latest wording

Stay tuned for deck legality checks and export formats for paper magic. Thanks for reading!

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