Battle Hardened Performance

    You may notice a slight increase in performance as a huge swath of refactors were made on the back-end.

    Cloud Migration and Email Validation

    MITB was migrated from Digital Ocean to AWS on 2023-02-19 around 09:00 AM CST with limited downtime. AWS's service offerings will improve the stability and scalability of the platform at a lower price point.

    We're Going Public! Introducing Public Decks

    Up until now, a deck marked public could only be shared via a direct link. Starting with this release, ALL decks marked public are discoverable via a new Public Decks page.

    Sideboarding, Counters, and Coin Flipping: More Playtest Improvements

    This release builds upon the previous, further improving the playtesting experience.

    An Historic Moment: Playtesting Against an Opponent

    Playtesting a deck in solitaire mode can only get you so far. To really put a deck to the test, it needs to be forged in the fires of the metagame! It is now possible to select a deck for the enemy and playtest two decks against one another. This feature goes out to all the brewers that cut their teeth solitairing matchups on Apprentice.

    End of Year Updates Roundup: 2020 Edition

    2020 was much more productive than the blog lets on. Here is a roundup of the unannounced changes that were released over the latter half of 2020:

    Your Masterwork on Display: Introducing Deck Guides

    Have you ever looked at a deck and wondered "How does this deck even win?" Or maybe you just found a cool new deck that top 8'd, and thought to yourself, "If only I had a sideboard guide, I could start wining with this deck today." Wouldn't it be great if all decks came with a manual? MITB has your back.

    Import Deck and Unified Pauper

    Decks can now be imported in MTGO and Arena formats. Also, unified pauper is now supported.

    Deck Legality and Export Deck Registration Sheet

    Decks now get checked for legality and can be exported to a Wizards of the Coast (WOTC) Deck Registration Sheet.

    Export Deck and New Short URL

    We've recently added support for exporting your decks and changed our short URL to

    Escaping Debtor's Prison: Presenting v0.5.0

    We've been doing hard time for the past year, paying off tech debt. While this type of thing slows down development in the short term, it speeds up all future development and extends the useful life of the product. With v0.4.0, we started the migration to a new tech stack. That new tech stack has now been applied to the rest of the application. Please join me for a tour.

    Coping with Brewer's Madness: Presenting v0.4.0

    After a long year of tinkering in the lab, v0.4.0 has landed. Thanks for sticking with us. I hope you find it was worth the wait.

    Playing Catch Up: Presenting mitb v0.2.0 & v0.3.0

    Since we last spoke, mitb's made two big steps toward v1.0.0.

    Presenting Magic in the Browser Beta Release v0.1.0

    Six years of development has led to this announcement... At last.